Meet 800 Horse Power Hussarya Arrinera Super Car

Meet Hussarya Arrinera – new supercar on the automotive scene. It may sound exotic for some however you will be surprised to hear that Hussarya Arrinera is going to be manufactured by Polish company Arrinera Automotive. Yes, you heard well, this is the first supercar created in Poland. 


Hussarya 33 by Arrinera polish_supercar blue

Photo: Arrinera Hussarya 33. Credits: Arrinera

First prototype had it’s debut in 2009 and company and was presented to shareholder only. The Hussarya holds its name after the Polish Hussar Calvary from XVI century that was famous for it’s beaty, strength and maneuverability. The supercar manufacturer from Poland hopes to pass these features to Hussarya.


The first model had scissors doors however the idea was abandoned for the production model.

Accordingly to Arrinera’s representative Lukasz Tomkiewicz the car will be powered by huge 8.2 l motor that will give it whopping 789 bhp and  will share a transmission with supercars like Koenigsegg and Pagani. Hussarya’s top speed is going to be 350km/h. The super car will accelarate from 0-100 km per hour in 3 seconds and from 0-200km/h in 9 seconds. These is really great spec. Can’t wait to see the price range of this beast.

The Hussarya is in the late development process at the moment and the launch has been scheduled for 2016. The supercar will be priced around $320k however we will need to wait till next year for that to be confirmed.

Photo Credits: Arrinera Automotive

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