Personally we find it really boring and hate writing about pages. Who wants to read that. For those who insist and need some note from authors and would like to know a little bit more about the Only Cool Things… here we go.

Only Cool Things is going to be about luxurious lifestyle, inspiration, travel, technology and gadgets… Pretty much you can presume that we are going to publish here some posts, photos and articles about everything that is cool. Of course we will pick all the stuff subjectively and we may be biased. You can like it or not. If you like it, share it.

Team Behind The Only Cool Things

You can say we are young, passionate about what we are doing and running ThemeBullet.com – Premium WordPress Themes Studion on daily basis. We thought this small project – fresh idea – can help us to stay a bit motivated, add extra enjoyment to our lives and we are going to test from the financial point of view as well.

We help many clients every day, helping them with all their projects so it’s time to use our knowledge in a good way and create something more inspiring, our own.

Perhaps we will share some nice thoughts with our visitors, perhaps financial reports to help you out do the same. Do what you love and earn some nice passive income.

Well, that’s pretty everything you may want to know.