Why is it worth to visit Wales?

“Wales, you say? Precisely what is of the value so that I can see in Wales for me to spend my time and sweet capital; in a country I don’t have a clue about, and presumably for good reason.”

Well, I think you should reconsider. You can be sure that everyone who visits Wales does not regret their money nor time, whether they are a beach-lover, forest-hiker, mountain-climber, windsurfer, seeker of things uncommon, a historian or someone who just wants some quality time alone. In short: there is something for everyone in Wales.

What makes Wales worth visiting?

One of the aspects that makes Wales one of the best places to visit is its distinctive landscapes; From coniferous forests, sprawling fields and meadows, to high peaks, and beautiful beaches. Wales is heavily praised for its beautiful coast, Pembrokeshire being one of the finest destinations in all of the UK.

What are the best beaches in Wales?

Not for naught was Castle Beach (in Tenby, Pembrokeshire) named the best beach of the UK in 2019. Of 422 Beaches inspected in the UK, 7 of them, not even including Castle beach, were placed in the top 40 and 3 of them were in the top 15.

What there is to do in Wales?

Green Bridge Rock - Beautiful coastline in Wales, United Kingdom

Green Bridge of Wales, South Wales, United Kingdom

There is also no limit when it comes to beach activities: Stimulating escapades like pilgrimages across the northern headlands, cliff camping in Anglesey, or even skydiving.

Lighthouse in Anglesey, North Wales

A Lighthouse in Anglesey, North Wales

There those wanting something more mellow, there are also many places to experience. Picturesque hills, ponds, meadows, brilliant hotels and resorts or bed & breakfasts cottages to stay in, that is for those looking for little more calming experience.

Snowdonia in Wales

Yet another Welsh landscape – Snowdonia Mountains

Caerphilly Castle, South Wales

Caerphilly Castle, South Wales

Little forest waterfall

A small waterfall in the forest. There is plentiful of waterfalls in Wales. Small or big. Like in some sort of fairytale.

Fairytale castle in Wales - Red Coch (Koch) Castle - Castell Coch

Castell Coch in Welsh simply means Red Castle. When visit Wales reserve some time for seeing it. You must admit it looks like from fairytale. Seeing it live makes it even better.

Wales is not about castles only

Visiting Wales is not about castles only

Here is a little photo gallery of some of the places. In theory I could stuff it with castles as there is over 600 castles in Wales. If you are into history and historical sightseeing definitely you should visit Wales, whether it is going to be for a few days short break or proper holiday.

Photo of St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, Wales

St David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire in it’s state was built in XII century. The place of medieval pilgrimage. The shrine of St David itself is older than the cathedral. It is located in the most western point of Pembrokeshire county. Currently treasury museum.

Golden beach in Tenby

Golden beach in Tenby

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Welsh beach, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Welsh beach, Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Castle Cardiff

Capital of Wales is Cardiff and here it is it’s one of the attraction. Surprise, surprise. Cardiff Castle.

Beautiful ornates in Cardiff Castle

It’s too beautiful not to show it. This is a beautiful ornate ceiling in Cardiff Castle.

Stream landscape

Another stream landscape. Unicorns and princess missing though.

Not many castles as bragging about Welsh castles deserves separate posts instead I will present you a few picturesque photographs that portray Wales from different angles as this is truly vivid and beautiful country just waiting to be discovered by curious travellers.

Tenby beach in Wales

Tenby – Welsh Coast

Anglesey Parys Mountain

Parys Mountain in Anglesey (North Wales) has long history going back as far as 4000 years, to the early Bronze Age.

People that know me know that one of the things I admire most is the enthralling story of this land, one of once great power and influence, with heart and passion. With Tradition that still is carried to this day. Wales Is a country small yet abounding with activities, destinations, culture, history like nowhere else.


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