Leopard 51 Power Catamaran

Leopard 51 is the newest and biggest power catamaran in the Leopard range. Manufactured by world-renowned Robertson & Caine – the largest manufacturer of the catamarans in the southern hemisphere, the catamaran builder with over 30 years experience. Company sets global standards in ease of sailing, comfort and style.


Leopard 51 PC Power Catamaran. Photo: Leopard Catamarans

Latest Leopard 51 is the latest model introduced by the company embracing modern technology and high quality standards. If you are planning getting yourself catamaran this should be one of the models you should consider as it boasts efficiency, beautiful modern design and at great performance. Thanks to sleek hulls this powercat can easily cruise at speed of 20 knots and achieve maximum speed of 25 knots.

Leopard 51 PC Interior

Leopard 51 Powercat Lounge Area. Photo Credits: Leopard Catamarans

Leopard 51 Powercat Lounge Area. Photo Credits: Leopard Catamarans

When looking at the Leopard’s 51 PC interior you cannot ignore modern and what is important functional design. The 51 PC has enlarged living area and smartly designed cabins that count towards even better experience.
The areas are bright and improve living experience in comparison to its competitors. Living area seem to be perfect for families allowing spending more time together allowing conversation.

Stability & Comfort

Moreover the stability and comfort provided by this 2 hulls powercat is so much better when comparing to similar size mono-hulled cruisers.

What Much Does It Cost?

Lastly the price set at the level of ~ $65000 for the basic option makes sailing / cruising more affordable. Comparing to other models in similar size you will notice that this powercat is a great value for the price.

More Power Catamarans From Leopard Range

Shall we expect more models from the Leopards power range? Yes, after successful breaking into the market and appreciation from the customers company has confirmed further plans for expanding it’s powercat fleet.

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